About us

Muscle Hut was created in September 2013 by the Co-founders Yasin Patel and Safdar Majid. It has been Safdar's and Yasin’s lifelong ambition to open a gym, an ambition that has been achieved with the first modern-day state of the art gym in East London, Leytonstone that is dedicated to supporting its customers to the highest level.


We have designed our gym to help you achieve your goals while providing a friendly environment and the ultimate training experience. We understand how important it is for you when competing or when your just looking to shed a few pounds, this is why with our world-class training facilities and our training knowledge we aim to give you the best support possible.


Saf is a lifelong bodybuilding and fitness fan, who is a highly respected figure in British bodybuilding and has competed at the highest levels of British bodybuilding for organisations such as the UKBFF and NABBA. Saf is a Muscle Talk light heavyweight regional champion and a multiple time British finalist at First Timers, Intermediates, Masters and Light Heavyweight classes.


Yasin is a gym enthusiast who has had a lifelong interest in bodybuilding, weight training and fitness, who has built up a great knowledge base of training and nutrition through his lifelong experiences in gyms, as well as being an entrepreneur and owner of many successful businesses.


Saf and Yasin’s minds have joined together to create Muscle hut gym, a gym that is truly dedicated to giving its 100% support to the customers, providing a friendly atmosphere which suits the needs of all, we are here to help you reach your goals and look forward to seeing you and joining the Muscle Hut family.