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Joining a gym is a huge step for most of us. To help ensure you stick to your goals and keep moving forward successfully an induction is crucial especially if you're a gym beginner, we will help tailor a bespoke gym experience based on your specific needs.


Although most of the machines have instructions on them, it’s still worth having a demonstration from somebody who knows what they’re doing.


Even more importantly, you should get an expert to assess your form. Poor technique, especially over a prolonged period of time, can lead to some pretty serious injuries, so it pays to get things right from the start.


Don't be embarrassed because you are new, remember even the pros were new one day. Experienced gym members are too busy concentrating on themselves rather than worrying about others, so just come in and enjoy yourself, your in good hands.


Wear suitable gear on the day so its easier for you to workout. You are not allowed to workout it jeans or flip-flops. To book your induction please make your payment by clicking here.


Book your induction at Muscle Hut by calling 0208 558 0002 or email us at


Gym Rules

We have certain rules in our gym to give everyone the safest and the best experience possible.


  1. No jeans or flip-flops allowed whilst working out.

  2. Wipe down machines after you used them.

  3. Don't drop weights, Handle all equipment with care.

  4. Give others a chance to use the machine. Share with other members.

  5. Put your weights back.


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